Why Are You Getting Married?

If your answer is ``because we love each other`` then keep reading!

Most people that get married do so because they love each other. Studies show that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. If you have been divorced before the likelihood you will divorce again is nearly 3 in 4!

This should serve as proof to you that love alone will not ensure a marriages success. Love is an emotion… a great one at that but it is not enough to give you a successful marriage.

When couples take invest in pre marriage coaching and ongoing relationship coaching they are creating the highest possibility for success in their family.

The Numbers Don't Lie

studies show that:

Couples marry for love 100%
Couples that end up in divorce court anyways 50%
Success rate of marriages that take pre marriage coaching 90%


How much does this cost? Our coaching packages cost anywhere from 400 dollars to 1000 dollars.  Much cheaper than a divorce!

Do you accept insurance?  We do not accept insurance.  To help with this our program costs are deeply discounted by donations.  We also offer flexible payment plans.  If you would like to support a couple financially please click here!

Is this counseling?  NO!  Counselors tell you what is wrong with you and how to fix it.  We are educators.  We are not licensed clinical counselors.  Think of us as life coaches for your relationship.  The difference is that we are focused on only the relational aspects of your marriage.  If either of you suffer from a mental illness or have a history of abuse or neglect we recommend seeking a clinical program.

What are your qualifications?  Our team has over 15 years of experience working in relationship coaching.  We are certified facilitators through Prepare-Enrich; one of the most nationally used marriage coaching programs available.

Where/when does the coaching take place?  We are set up to meet with couples both locally nationally through video conferencing.  If you are local to the Milwaukee area we can meet you in several public places.  We will also meet with you in your home or church if you prefer.  In order to keep costs down for the couples we work with we do not maintain an office location.  We meet at many different times to help accommodate your busy schedule.

Is this a “faith based” program?  Not necessarily.  Our team here at FamilyConnect makes no apologies to the fact that we are Christians although we respect that every individual has the right and freedom to choose what they believe.  We feel that it would be extremely disrespectful of us to force our beliefs on any individual.  Therefore, our coaching sessions can be loaded with Bible teaching or you can choose to keep  faith out of it.  The choice is 100% yours and WILL be honored.  We give you our word.

We also have special programs if you are a church or community organization!

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