Joe and Christy McAlpine both came from childhood homes loaded with divorce, abuse, and addiction.  You would have thought that they had seen enough of it growing up that they would have been able to see it coming in

Joe and Christy McAlpine. Arizona 2015

Joe and Christy McAlpine. Arizona 2015

their adult life so they could avoid it at all costs.

Joe and Christy on the outside looked like they had it all together and they were admired by many as having one of the best marriages they knew.  People would often approach them for marriage and family advice and they would gladly give it.

Until one day when the bottom fell out.  Joe and Christy realized that for over a decade they had been slowly spiraling towards the destruction of their marriage and family.  The love felt surface level at best, there was no intimacy, harsh words and criticism were often very easily tossed around, and they were miserable.  It was then that Christy told Joe that she wanted to separate and it was most likely over.

While it looked pretty unsalvageable for quite some time, fate had a different plan for Joe and Christy and their family.  They were connected to the right people who supported them and taught them tools and concepts that they didn’t know they didn’t know.  A month after their separation, Joe and Christy moved back under the same roof again and have been together and deeply in love ever since.

11745455_10153494998993256_2308100816923997088_nJoe and Christy will tell you that although their marriage isn’t perfect it is right.  They belong together and are enjoying sharing the journey of life with each other.  They have dedicated their lives to helping other couples become unstuck and move forward in the most fulfilling life possible.

Christy is a full-time student in the University of Wisconsin system as a business major.  She is also a certified relationship and parenting coach here at FamilyConnect.

Joe is the CEO and President here at FamilyConnect and is also serves churches and nonprofits through an organization called Slingshot Group.

They live in Hartford WI with their 4 children Elijah, Selah, David, and Libby.