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To help families grow closer in their relationship with each other through strong marriages and intentional parenting


Joe and Christy McAlpine have been working with children and youth for 15 years. Although they loved their family one day they realized that life had taken control of home in a very negative way. The crazy thing is they didn’t know what to do about it. All Joe and Christy knew was that they didn’t like each other anymore and if things continued on the path they were on divorce was imminent.

The Values


We are honest, upfront and real. What you see is what you get.


We build trust through relationships. We are never transactional.


We give tools that will help and we show you how to use them


We are laid back. We are never rude, condescending or pretentious.

What we do

Pre-Marriage Coaching

Did you know recent studies show that 40-50% of all marriages end up in divorce?  These same studies also show that when an engaged couple takes advantage of a solid pre-marriage program the divorce rate decreases to about 10%!
We offer a state of the art pre-marriage program that you will not find anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.

This program includes a detailed assessment of you and your fiancés strengths and growth points, tools to help with everything from conflict resolution to sexual intimacy and expectations, and after the honeymoon checkups at 6 and 12 months.

Everything changes after the wedding; even if you have been living together.  Even the most elaborate and beautiful of wedding ceremonies can end in divorce without the proper tools.  We want to help you not only have a great wedding but a solid marriage. We offer this to couples at an unbelievable savings due to donors that want to see marriages strengthened to weather all of the storms that life can bring.  If you would like more information or to arrange a no risk consultation please contact us today!

Forward Weekend

Our vision for Forward Weekends is simple:  We want to transform good marriages into great marriages, and we want troubled marriages to be healed and restored so more children will grow up in happier, healthier homes.

Forward Weekends are marriage intensives that occur in a safe group setting with no more than 5 couples.  These events take place all day Friday and Saturday with Sunday off.  During this weekend we help you connect with your spouse in:

  • Reconnecting and develop/restore trust
  • Becoming an “US”
  • Experience deeper levels of intimacy, knowledge, and understanding of one another
  • Learn the essential relationship skills required to develop, maintain, and sustain a deeply bonded and connected relationship
  • Strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Learn how to develop emotional regulation
  • Remove some of the accumulated relational pain


$500 (much cheaper than a divorce) Transportation costs and meals are not included.

To sign up for an upcoming Forward Weekend please check out our events page.

Marriage Intensives

  • Do you feel like your marriage is loveless and you don’t know how to get it back?
  • Have you tried couples counseling but it failed?
  • Are you separated or on the verge of separation?
  • Have you or your partner had an affair?
  • Are you ready to give up and file for divorce but want to make sure you have done everything you possibly could to make it work before you pull the trigger?

Studies show that counseling sessions that are given in one hour segments have little to no effect on helping couples get to the deeper issues that cause them to fail.

Our marriage intensives have a very high success rate of couples who stay together.  During our time together we will work with you to uncover your needs, resolving conflict, healthy communication, sex issues and much more.

Although we can’t promise that you will stay married we can promise clarity.  When you leave after one of our intensives you should be able to move forward in life whether that is married or not.

Our one or two-day marriage intensives are one on one intensive coaching sessions with you and Joe.  This is not therapy although it will most likely be very therapeutic.

Marriage intensives are held in Milwaukee Wisconsin and cost $800.00 for a 1-day intensive or $1500.00 for a two-day intensive.  We will also travel to your location for the cost of travel expenses in addition to our fee.  Assistance is available if needed.

To find out more please contact us today!


We offer regular coaching plans for you to meet with us and help them stay on the right track.  We have found that people who regularly engage in coaching programs have better clarity and direction in their relationships and life.  It is our goal to help our clients get to the next level.

We offer a multitude of options for coaching.  They include:

  • Couples coaching (for dating, engaged or married)
  • Individual life coaching
  • Work/Life balance coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Parenting coaching

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about what we offer!

Parenting Tools


Parenting is hard work!  One of our goals here at FamilyConnect is to help parents transition their approach from “reactive” to “proactive”.  We do this through helping get parents on a plan to strategically invest in their children while living out a system that will help them teach their children about life in age-appropriate ways.

We do this through providing one on one coaching, seminars, and events.


Check out our events page here to find out what is coming up!

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